Ecomondial Series

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The Ecomondial series has ovens suitable for baking medium/large sized bread and any type of products requiring heating from Bottom to top and large steam production.

For easier loading/unloading of the oven, it is possible to install different types of loaders: Manual, Semi Automatic and Automatic.

 Baking Temperature 300C maximum

 Models: 3/4/5 decks with 2/3 doors per deck

 Baking Surface: from 6.1m to 20.3m

 Heating: Gas/Light Oil burner

 The fuel consumption is very low due to the high thermal performance

 Heating system with ring-shaped steam tubes, one for the top and one for the bottom of each deck that directly heats up the deck and the ceiling of each deck.

 Steamer also heated by the combustion chamber and can be accessed from under front bench


Download Ecomondial series brochure in PDF

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