Mondial Series

The Mondial series is updated with new features. It offers a range of steam tube deck ovens, consisting of multiple independent decks, steam-tight, with standard working height between 21cm and 19cm, depending on the model.

Ovens suitable for a perfect baking of bread of medium/high sizes and for all the products needing a strong baking from the bottom and high steam quality.

For easier loading/unloading of the oven, it is possible to install different types of loaders: Manual, Semi-Automatic and Automatic.

 Baking temperatures 300C max

 Models: 3/4 decks with 2/3/4 doors per deck

 Baking surface: from 5.1m to 26.8m

 Front, side, rear panels and hood in stainless steel

 Baking deck lighting with 2 dichroic lights

 Heating system with ring-shaped steam tubes, one for the top and one for the bottom of each deck that directly heats up the deck and the ceiling of each deck.

 Steamer also heated by the combustion chamber and can be accessed from under front bench

 Heating by Gas/Diesel Oil/Pellets/Wood fired

 Oven furnace made of special refractory bricks and cement



Download Mondial Oven series brochure in PDF

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